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Guiri Guide was born in January 2010, when three expat “partners” of full-time MBA students realized that they each individually and continuously struggled (with the occasional success) to establish normal lives in Madrid. As independent professionals who find value in using networks, be them people or virtual, to get the best from a situation the Guiri Guide girls soon found themselves wanting to help others in the same situation. Because a wonderful city like Madrid should be experienced and enjoyed as fully and quickly as possible.

The Guri Guide ethos: Honest views and thorough insight to help you successfully navigate through your move to a new city

Today the Guiri Guide team is a network of individuals who have experienced moving to countries and cities. It is impossible to know everything about your new home city before you get there  but we aim to help answer all those little questions so that you can enjoy your new home city without going through the same head aches as others have.

What are Guiris? Guiris = Foreigners (colloquially dubbed guiris, from the word guirigay meaning gibberish) in Spain. The word is unique to Spain only.

Anything that is written or any photograph shared (unless otherwise noted) in this blog means that we have had first hand experience of a situation. It’s true, tried and tested.


The Guiri Guide Team

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